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AmeVita – Custom made furniture, kitchens

● AmeVita enterprise is an association of local manufacturers that activates in Republic of Moldova, especially in Chisinau, specialized in manufacturing custom furniture in Moldova. So now there is no need to scour all furniture stores and all the market looking for the favorite furniture, with high quality and affordable price. We did this for you. AmeVita selected through a competitive producers in Moldova that are not so really known, but which manufactures furniture of high quality and at a very affordable price. In this you can convince yourselve. Our prices are lower, for furniture in comparation with the prices of  our competitors in  markets, by 20% – 30%. ● For the convenience of customers we propose you the obtion “Mobile Office”, ABSOLUTELY FREE, this option, includes: one of our designer comes to YOUR home, take measurements,  recommends how to do best and most practical,  calculates the price for furniture  and can conclude contract immediately. You also can send us your pictures by e-mail , we will calculate and say the price of furniture you want to make order without leaving the house. ● It was not easy for us to get to this level, but the use of ultra modern devices with the CPU, in manufacturing the furniture, and the employment of qualified professionals, has enabled us to  reduce our prices to  20% – 30% for the final consumer. All these opportunities make  our clients to address just at us, because our furniture made for order  at AmeVita has the  highest quality and very affordable price. Only AmeVita is  oriented towards the good mood of the client, just because our workers put their souls in the furniture ordered by you, which also makes us proud and RESPECTED.

 Custom kitchens and bedrooms .

● Our company manufacturs custom furniture of any complexity of high quality and very affordable price. We manufacture custom kitchens, bedrooms, cupboards at order, Dining (walls for living), furniture, soft (padded) at order, furniture for bathrooms, offices, kindergartens, Hi-Tech custom furniture, wooden and PVC doors and windows, wooden windows with PVC , windows with Low-E glass. Custom Kitchens – We manufacture custom kitchens of all materials used in our  Moldova. Materials are tested for compliance all the standards of state bodies. Kitchens manufactered from Melamine Chipboard  of Kronopol brand, Egger 18mm, are qualitativer and cheaper in comparison with such materials as painted  MDF, MDF with coating or wood. Custom bedrooms – bedrooms manufactured by us are very comfortable, stylish and modern. The materials used for bedrooms’ production are chosen  for each client in part.The bedrooms can be made from Melamine Chipboard  in Italian style or any style, with some accessories made from MDF (for beauty) and wood (natural). Dining rooms (living room, walls) on order –  Living rooms are also made of various materials previously announced, at the client’s desire. Also on request we can produce walls of different sizes and thicknesses such as 18mm, 36mm, 54mm. Depending on the customer, the walls are manufactured in various styles. Cupboards (coupé) on order – Cupboards, depending on your needs, can be produce at different sizes and styles. We produce cupboards with a door, two doors, three and so forth, cupboards coupe, cupboards in coupe style with several doors. The colors and generally the orders occurs at the client’s request, taste and style that suits him. Upholstered furniture (upholstered) on order – In the production of upholstered furniture are use a big variety of materials and fabrics, artificial leather. Upholstered furniture is produced according to customer’s desire and taste. Customer chooses materials that will be employed in upholstered furniture. The prices for such furniture start at 1,500 lei per meter for up to 4000 for one meter. For example: if you want a sofa wich has two meters and value of the chosen material of 2000 lei, the sofa will cost 4000 lei, all included. Rooms for children – Children’s furniture is produced at customer desire. Also the materials employed in the production of furniture for children is also at customer’s desire and taste. Children’s furniture can be made of Melamine Chipboard, MDF with coating or painted and massive wood (natural). Offices and Communities – The furniture for offices, kindergartens, schools, universities, special furniture is produced at customer desire (manager), depending on destination, needs, the furniture is manufactured in such a way as being the most practical and functional. Bathrooms -The furniture for bathrooms is  influence very strong by humidity, which in its turn can damage the furniture. That is why  the furniture for bathroms manufactured by us  is very well machined, finished with organic products, which defends the furniture, for which the company gives you warranty and you are calm. Doors and windows solid wood and PVC – Our manufacturers produce the most sophisticated and stylish windows and doors from wood or PVC. We also produce wood windows with  insulating glass, PVC windows melaminated in wood color. Hi-Tech Furniture –  Hi-tech furniture is a furniture wich has the housing made  only from metal. Hi-tech furniture is a harmonious combination of metal, glass and soft padded material. Our manufacturer provides 15 years warranty at metal housing, which also inspires confidence. Parquet – wood species from wich are produces the plank for parquet are: oak, ash, cherry, Glad, acacia, hornbeam and maple. Floor thickness is 15mm. Dimensions of 250 × 40 × 95 to 1000. We produce  3 types of Parquet: Classic, Natural, Country. Classic (first quality) – represents mixed invoice , wich has a small color variation possibillity. The price depends on the size and starts from  11.50 euro for 1m2 up to 30Euro. Natur (Class II) – represents unique small nodes, possible invoice and color range. The price depends on the size and starts from 10.50 euro for 1m2 up to 24euro. Country (quality III) – are nodes, invoice and color range. The price depends on the size and starts from 8.40 euro for 1m2 up to 18euro. WHY YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE  AmeVita? – Because it is convenient and accessible. –  Our designer will come to YOUR home and will make the project absolutely free, with no hidden charges. – The materials that are used in furniture manufacturing are procured from official importers, that is why our prices are reduced by 20% – 30%. – Furniture made by us is for every taste and pocket. – The fittings used in furniture manufacturing are of the highest quality and will never create headaches. – The manufactered furniture  corresponds the standards of quality. – We offer guarantee for the custom furniture. – Delivery, installation of the ordered furniture  is absolutely free.

The Amevita company operates in Kishinev and on all territory of Moldova already it is a lot of years specializes on production of furniture to order.

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